Different “eye” on colors


Different “eye” on colors

Different “eye” on colors

Colors are very interesting, our mood get changes with colors. It is more psychological. Colors have capability of creating ripples in brain that may relax or create emotional turmoil. Our reflex reactions are depends on colors.

Colors plays a very big role in a application development. If you are a designer then you must have seen “Web 2.0 color” in requirement documents.

Today in any Project Big or Small, Agile or any methodology you follow, most arguments happen over colors. It is very difficult to have conscience on colors. Design team and sometimes even development team have their own views and suggestions for colors used in application. Your “Client” plays very important role. Some time they want “Brand Identity”.

I am not saying that we should ignore colors but it is really important how much “time” we spend on it. If you are the big player in market then it’s OK e.g. Red by MacDonald or Yellow by Symantec. But if you expect that the user will like what you like then you are very wrong.

We talk too much on colors; many projects are not successfully executed because of the color selections. I have seen entire project being re-worked even after 100% completion and reason for that – “I don’t like that color you used”.


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