UI & UX are the prime measures for every app success

UI & UX are the prime measures for every app success :

What’s the best way to measure an app’s success? Is it the feature set that it offers? Conventional wisdom says yes, but we’ve actually passed the turning point. UI and UX have officially become the new primary standard for measuring and predicting an app’s success. The aesthetics of an app are now the most direct correlation for its success.

This effect is the end result of apps beginning to reach saturation. In the early days of the iPhone, it was more important that an app delivered the intended functionality. Design was still important, but turning your iPhone into a flashlight or allowing it to open Word documents was more important. The same goes for Android in its earlier days, and there’s direct evidence of this given how abysmal the design of some early apps were, not to mention the OS itself.

Today, it’s a bit different. Function is a given. We’ve reached the point of saturation in the app marketplace, as well as in the operating systems that we use on mobile. The only thing left to do is refine the experience and tweak it. The function is there, it’s just a matter of making it more user friendly. There’s no better an example that UI and UX have become the measuring stick for success in apps than with Apple’s recent overhaul of iOS. Past iterations of iOS focused on new features, such as support for copy and paste or the introduction of the notification center. This year, Apple instead focused on the new UI aesthetic for its operating system, which is also the design language with which developers will design their apps. It’s powerful that a company as large as Apple spent its biggest event of the year showing users and developers what its vision of UI is moving forward. Apple knows that the features between apps on both platforms are parallel and that UI is the way to distinguish itself.

 Given that the functionality of an app is already a given, the only way that apps succeed today is by offering a UI and UX that are easy to use and pleasing. Between two competing apps with similar functions and features, the one that people will flock to is the one that is easier on the eyes.

What does this mean for developers? Simply put, it’s time to put the emphasis on eye candy. Making sure that an app fits in with the rest of the operating system it’s built for is critical, as is making sure that the app conveys information in a direct and easy-to-understand manner. We don’t know it yet, but we’re entering the golden age of digital design.

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