User Experience (UX) as a Business Strategy

Last 15+ years I am in IT field I worked various domain in designing starting from Teaching, Multimedia Authoring, Cell animation Post Production, Graphic Design to UI, UX in various departments like Design, Post Production, Marketing, Web Design, UI etc. And this gives me great chance of observing product/application development cycle/process in various roles. I was involved in much time from conceptualization, development to Marketing.

Every department put their best foot forward and work as a team to make product successful.

IT- Products, like web, mobile or desktop apps needs lots of Planning and Strategies. Sales and marketing teams are playing a major role in it, apart from production.

Sales and Marketing is the key people involved in making strategy, I have seen major chunk of decision makers VPs, Directors or CEOs are came from sales.

I am not saying this is bad, or they are not deliver, but chances that these guys carried away in the “Sales attitude”. “I Know” is another factor here…

“I know the market”….. “I Know all because I am here for so many years”…. “I know because we did same thing 5 years Back”…. “I know because we had 10 Similar products build 2 years back” …… and so on.

Sometime this pays off but sometime this backfires and these guys start searching “Head” to cut off. Mostly blame is gone to the development team….. “Product is not successful because you guys not made it correct”.

One of the reasons of Product/Application failure is weak user experience.

Many companies spend huge amount of man power, Money and Infra structure on Support System.

IT support is typically quite technical and requires extensive functionality and sophisticated workflows to manage trouble tickets, IT assets, licenses, and more. An organization’s internal customers are less likely to have a technical background, though this trend is starting to shift with increased use of technology and smart devices in all areas of life. We’ll get to that more in a moment.

If we take internal surveys of customer support you will find more than 80% reported issues related to the “User Experience”. End user is fail to understand or not able interact properly with application. They just “Stuck” some times and not able to move ahead or back. No proper information, Interactions, help documents creates more panicky.

And this happens majorly in Applications which are developed ignoring proper HCI Techniques and UI, UX.

A good UI can translate into greater business value for the solution, and ultimately ROI for the organization by increasing agility, speeding the time-to-value for the solution, and enabling users to become more productive.

While the basic principles of designing a great UI for business applications are applicable across all needs and functional areas.

Simplicity Rules




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