Users are not Blind

We see the world through “Eyes”. Our first reactions are based on what and how we see things around us. Many times we are judgmental on our visual understandings and interpretations.

We spend lots of time on visual aspects of page while designing, its look and feel, and esthetics. We also spend time on its layout; we do wire-framing, prototyping series of digital mockups.

But any time did u really thought about, how users will interact with your page? This question is for both Designers and Developers?

You must have observed that some elements are positioned uniquely on the many popular websites. e.g, login link/button, Shopping cart, Profile pictures, Buy Now buttons. Many times you also mimic those in your designs.

Why some elements are placed on Top right corner, why text lean to words left, Headlines, Paragraphs, images have some patterns. Why Call of actions is placed in some sequenced….

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