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Our Services

In today’s global competition, customers expect companies to focus on experience and companies must deliver high quality products to succeed in the marketplace.

We consider all relevant standards, heuristics and best practices when assessing your product, and provide you with actionable recommendations for improvement.

We conduct usability evaluations at any point in the product development lifecycle, and can combine evaluations with other methods, resulting in a more comprehensive analysis.

UXExpert specializes in the design of user interaction and in the use of emerging techniques and practices for developing usable human-computer interaction. We offer a consultant service for :

  • Specification of Standards and Style Guides
  • Support and Facilitation for Participatory Designs
  • Establishment of Usability Objectives
  • Process and Interaction Designs
  • Object-Oriented UI Designs

1. Corporate Sessions:

We conduct corporate sessions. Any company want to upgrade their existing UI /UX team. Just talk with us.

We design tailor-made session only for you as per your need.

Please contact admin(at) for more details and discus in details. Read More

2. User Experience Audit:

Analyze the experience that people go through when using your products or services.
Understand the problems and enhancement opportunities of the experience you offer through your products and services. By analyzing the main features, our research team provides you with an analytical vision of the quality of the experience your end-users have. The helpful information contained in the report will guide you towards the improvement of your offer in terms of user adoption and loyalty. The UX Audit can be integrated over time to make your service evolve by means of UX Monitoring.

3. User eXperience Design:

User experience (or UX) design is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience when using websites, software, and all kinds of services. You need to immediately know what to do, and be able to find what you need. It has to be quick, smooth, effortless and enjoyable. Frustration is right out!

We follow State of the art UX Techniques Read More

4. Usability Services:

Usability studies serve several purposes. The most important is to evaluate or measure your users’ overall experience and levels of satisfaction. We employ a number of different methods and approaches to suit our clients’ purposes.

Usability as a discipline is at the heart of every stage of our process It’s not something that we tack on at the end of a project.

However, we are often asked to conduct usability reviews and testing of existing solutions for our clients. Then we come up with practical recommendations based on our expert or user–based testing and research.

Perfect for

On-line services that wish to evaluate and improve the quality of their offer.


  1. Win points and pain points. - Discover the opportunities and problems that lie within the experience you offer your clients.
  2. Improve user experience - Receive comments and suggestions concerning how you can improve your users’ experience.
  3. Usefulness, simplicity, pleasantness. - Receive a qualitative evaluation of the usefulness, simplicity, and pleasantness of your offer.

If you are interested in finding out more about this area of website and application design and production, please feel free contact me and I'll do my best to help.

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